London Build

Attended London Build as a guest.

Interesting mix of exhibitors but only two building companies. In particular it was noteworthy the number of companies specialising in fire prevention and suppression. Obviously due in part to the aftermath of Grenville Tower. As well as the manufacturers, a number of the briefings centred on the subject and the requirements of the Hackett recommendations.

Unfortunately much of this was met with the resignation that there appeared to be little enthusiasm by the government at this time to provide the support and parliamentary time necessary to implement the sweeping changes in the recommendations.

On a personal level it was good to meet up with BASF and learn of their new products, having spent a lot of time working in the area of its giant Ludwigshaven factory. Also had a pint at the drinks bar, which was selling Veltins, whose brewery is at Gelsenkirchen, where I lived when serving as a consultant on a Bechtel contract.