Japanese TV

Breakfast television with a difference.

We were invited to a breakfast meeting in the City, which was being filmed by a film crew from Japan Television. They interviewed representatives from various sectors of industry. They were most polite and not at all aggressive with their questioning, which sought to gain an understanding of our attitude to Brexit and the effects it would have on our particular industry.

As with so many of us when we visit a foreign country, they presumed that events in London reflected all regions of the country. They were surprised to learn that whilst house prices are falling in the capital they are still increasing in other areas, such as the South West. This lead to a discussion on regional variations within the UK.

They were also surprised to hear that I had been to different areas of their country and that one of our directors had worked there for two years (and also that I still ride a large Japanese motorbike). I trust they understood when I commented that it is a small world.