Construction Claims Consultants

As construction claims consultants our work can be undertaken on a stand-alone basis, generally on small or medium value claims, where we take the claim from initial instruction to final settlement. Often these are building claims involving, private home owners or small developments and local contractors. On very large or legally complex claims,  we act closely with Client’s legal teams, providing supporting technical appraisals, commentary on the suitability of contract terms and good industry practice comparisons. In either situation we are able to bring extensive construction claims experience to each dispute.

Our proven methodology


Whether we are acting in defence of a building claim or charged with the preparation of a major civil engineering claim, our approach follows the same proven methodology. The basic principle is one of gaining a full understanding of the background situation and the actual causation of the dispute, which when seen with a fresh pair of eyes may not be the same as seen from those close to the dispute. We carry out forensic examination of the relevant terms to safeguard against any unexpected surprises. We work to develop an understanding of the whole picture, to gain an appreciation of the history of the project. Often claims arise because of a series of incidents occurring over a period of time and not simply the issue that the claimant considers to be the crux of the matter.

The first essential of any construction claims management is an examination of the facts in order to develop a full understanding of the drivers that have lead to the claim. No one can accurately predict the outcome of a claim but an honest assessment of the likelihood of full or partial success, an estimate of the probable final value of a claim and the possible cost of defending or preparing it are essential.

Our tried and trusted format is applied with the same rigour, whatever the value of the claim.

  • Initial discussion with Client
  • Document Review
  • Data collection
  • Honest discussion of strength of supporting information (with legal team when applicable)
  • In depth examination of salient points
  • Probability analysis and evaluation
  • Specific technical support as necessary
  • Benchmarking and Best Industry Practice Comparison
  • Report drafting/documentation in preparation of Litigation
  • Negotiations
  • Technical  Adviser at Hearings

Disputes management

This allows us to always submit or defend a claim robustly, from a position of strength.

Success as claims consultants

The proof of our methods is further demonstrated by the successes we have achieved for our clients without the need to resort to the courts. These include;

  • Claims against major insurance companies including obtaining full payment of substantial disputed amounts
  • Successful settlement of final accounts on behalf of contractors
  • Claims on behalf of subcontractors against main contractors
  • Claims against under-performing contractors on behalf of private clients
  • Personal injury claims
  • Commercial clients claims against Local Authorities

These are in addition to our specialist roles on the very largest civil engineering and PPP/PFI claims.