Contracts Administration

An unrivalled ability to provide pragmatic advice and support to all our clients

Professional contracts management

Our work has always been focused on interpreting, amending, writing, or negotiating contracts. We provide our clients with the highest level of professional support, built on many years of experience as chartered construction consultants.

Roles such as Technical Advisors on major International projects are augmented by regular involvement with a full range of smaller domestic contracts. Working on contracts that range from simple typed agreements for minor works, to multi-volume bespoke contracts written specifically for the largest undertakings including those developed for major PPP/PFI projects has provided an unrivalled breadth of experience.

A history of success in a variety of areas


Our track record includes the Channel Tunnel Project, new airports in India, and container ports in Europe and Southern Africa. In addition to this, we have written completely new contracts for technically innovative structures, such as the O&M contract for Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah mono rail.

The Contracts

We have a working knowledge of most of the standard suites of contacts for construction, installation, operation, and maintenance, including:

  • JCT
  • NEC 3
  • Chem.E
  • Bespoke contracts (including those prepared under SoPC3 & 4 guidelines)


The Strategies

Our work has been carried out under various forms of contracting strategy, including;

  • Tendered and negotiated
  • Single tender and staged submissions
  • Cost Plus
  • Lump Sum
  • Target Cost

Committed to finding the right strategy

McMillan Associates works with contractors, developers, city law firms, and institutional funders.  Through detailed examination of contractual terms, we help formulate contracts in preparation for the tendering process, provide detailed reasoning for renegotiation of specific terms and advise on the suitability of proposed subcontracting policy. We strive to ensure that contracts do not transgress any EU compliance measures and qualify for any public sector funding.

At a local level, we assist contractors and subcontractors to gain full understanding of the implications of contract terms and the requirements of pricing documents.

We are committed to ensuring full compliance with all statutory, legal and environmental requirements. It is our philosophy that matters such as Health and Safety, Procurement and Risk Avoidance must be recognised prior to entering into a contract whatever the size or scope of the works.



Why choose McMillan Associates?

Over the last ten years, McMillan Associates has been privileged to be associated with many ground breaking PPP/PFI contracts, working in association with leading funding organisations, international construction conglomerates and world renowned legal and professional firms. This has resulted in an appreciation of both the benefits and the pitfalls of any given contract term.

The experience we bring can ensure the correct strategies are implemented, as well as providing essential support  when dealing with claims and disputes.

Our reputation for excellence has been over 40 years in the making. Few firms can boast the breadth of knowledge, understanding of the drivers and awareness of possible problems as McMillan Associates.