Commercial Support

McMillan Associate’s commercial support covers the full spectrum of the construction process, ensuring clients benefit from our unrivalled experience and technical expertise.

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Not all clients have the same requirements. We therefore, provide commercial support either as an inception to completion Programme Management package, whereby we handle all matters pertaining to the development or alternatively as a specific sub package focussing on one or more elements of the overall package.

It also provides invaluable specialist support to our Expert Witness, Claims, Contract and Interim Management assignments

Programme Management that achieves Results

Our programme management methodology sets out to ensure that the project is managed, progress is maintained and budgets met to ensure targets are achieved.

Planning sets the parameters for the construction period, the estimate details the expenditure but it is the project programme that fleshes them out and drives their success.

Taking everything into consideration

The programme manager must overcome the conflicts of the disparate requirements of the designers, the construction team and the consultants in order to provide the environment for a focused approach. The overall programme must incorporate;

  • Setting achievable milestones and developing structured organigrams
  • Having the right people in the right job at the right time
  • Resource-loaded programmes effectively integrating plant, labour and material delivery
  • Staff performance monitoring and the impact of third party requirements
  • Controlled programme development to reflect changing circumstances

Performance indicators to rely on

Performance monitoring as measured by accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is essential. Detailed information harvested through regularly updated Cost Performance Indicators (CPI) and Schedule Performance Indicators (SPI) serves as the barometer of the efficiency of the works. Allowing changes to be instructed before progress is lost or additional costs incurred.

Adopting techniques such as regular ‘end cost forecasting’ provides accurate estimates of the out-turn cost at any time during the progress of the works. By installing strict change control measures we can evaluate the impact of any proposed change in terms of time and cost before the change is implemented. Learning about the consequence of a change only after it has become essential or a done deal can be very expensive.

Through our programme management support we ensure that clients are aware of the health of the project at any given time.

Strong programme management ensures that the interests of everyone associated with the development of the project are maximised and that the efforts of all of those involved in the project are rewarded. It must be a holistic approach incorporating all elements of the working environment.