A specialist construction and business management consultancy.  Since 1977.

McMillan Associates is a highly respected consultancy covering a broad spectrum of commercial and contractual matters in construction, infrastructure, utilities property and elements of business management. The record of projects with which we have been associated is testimony to our progress.

Expert Witness, Contracts and Claims Management and an ever increasing level of Due Diligence work is backed by a Commercial Support sector encompassing; commercial and programme management, health and safety, procurement, risk analysis and value engineering. Experience gained on construction sites big and small in the UK and overseas provides a practical insight and comprehensive understanding of the day to day workings of the industry. This results in being able to provide a unique integrated and cohesive approach to each assignment.

Whether it is developing an opinion as an Expert Witness, preparing or defending a claim, or explaining the nuances and consequential impacts of contract terms, the ability to back academic theory with practical ‘been there, done that’ experience is invaluable. Equally so in response to Interim Management requests, when a background incorporating managerial skills linked with practical realism developed through day to day decision making is invaluable.

McMillan Associates, provides a coordinated holistic response to each client’s needs.

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